Their own intercourse tracking is generally about virility monitoring for those who are making an effort to become pregnant (or perhaps not)

While fruit enjoys previously kept alleged „adult friendly“ apps out of the App Store), they performed put sex tracking to their HealthKit in 2016. It is possible to record whether or not you made use of a defense, so it theoretically maybe useful for STI protection at the same time. Apple wellness is a good choice if you’re searching for something’s most likely already on your phone plus primary problems include related to virility. (additionally if you should be worried about privacy, because fruit Health is very encrypted.) However, if you need a bit more detailed summary of your love life, you ought to provide among the additional hardware with this record an attempt.

For folks who are only concerned with the stats, cool was on a clean, thorough intercourse tracking application for apple’s ios. They guide you to monitor when, in which, the length of time, with just who, if or not you made use of security, custom sex tasks, and a custom notice. You can also keep track of yours as well as your partners‘ STI assessment schedules and outcome, rely their sexual climaxes, thought your data either in a calendar or a ???‚Nssortable and groupable listing.???‚N? It even integrates with fruit’s HealthKit, in addition they you should not gather any information on people, to help you be assured that their sex-life will always be personal. The app offers in-app expenditures in tiers doing $.

But while cool could theoretically be utilised by people of all men and women, sensation of the application is most stereotypically feminine, with lots of pink. In the event that’s something which bothers your, next this one won’t be the only individually.

Intercourse Keeper

Some associated with the software about listing are involved primarily with monitoring regularity and/or top quality, Sex Keeper is far more focused on the bodily facets of sex. Quite practically: It’s the sex tracker for people who have an interest in simply how much of a workout gender try. The app lets you when you’ve got sex, just how long it lasted, how many orgasms you had, as well as other factors. They may be additionally encouraging fruit observe integration, for those of you who want to check your stats mid-game. It’s got a buy once, very own permanently solution at $9.99, you can also subscribe for 99 cents 30 days.

For confidentiality, Intercourse Keeper does not collect or offer many facts. It’s available on both iOS and Android os.

Hint is a popular duration tracking software that also contains gender monitoring. They (correctly!) thinks that people’s sex lives become related to other parts of these reproductive health and assists people bring outstanding overview. The focus is really on whenever sex occurs, whether or not contraceptives were used, and sexual interest. It’s a great option for individuals with uteruses that are currently making use of Clue to trace their menstrual and or people who only want to put intercourse tracking for their total look at their particular reproductive wellness. It provides membership tiers around $ per year.

Clue comes with the online privacy policy. The data they gather is used to help you discover the routine, not to sell to advertisers. They also encrypt data, which safeguards it in the example of a security breach. Clue can be obtained for apple’s ios and Android.


Another application for monitoring solamente gender are EiNano, a free of charge self pleasure tracking software. The style are smooth and less, referencing a paper journal and schedule. They lets you monitor as soon as you masturbate, whether your used toys or pornography, whether your orgasmed, and a bunch of some other solo-sex factors. It’s totally gender natural, but it is limited for Android os, very sorry, new iphone 4 consumers.

Their own intercourse tracking is generally about virility monitoring for those who are making an effort to become pregnant (or perhaps not)


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